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Mauritius Island: Excursions

Sailing tripsExplore the Mauritius coastal waters

Dream beaches

fine sand or rocky beaches covered with palm groves. Beaches waiting to be explored, a new location every day, never bathing twice in the same place. Beaches lapped by clear waters that are always calm thanks to the protection offered by the coral reef

Crystal clear sea

the stunningly clear sea can be explored by taking a trip in a transparent hulled boat or by scuba diving among the fish and natural seascapes of the coral reef

Exploring the interior of the island

Forests and mountains

enthusiasts of trekking in natural surroundings will find endless opportunities to enjoy the incredible flora and fauna of this unique island. The natural habitat varies widely from dense and near impenetrable forests to the open spaces of the beautiful mountains. The entire island is criss-crossed by water courses, with a series of lakes and waterfalls that make the natural setting quite unique.

Nature reserves

The island's many nature reserves provide close contact with the local flora and fauna for visitors keen to pack the entire range of emotions of the island's lush natural surroundings into a limited amount of time

Sugar cane, tea and tangerine plantations

Sugar cane has always been the main crop on the island and has forged many of the key aspects of its history. The other main crops include tea and tangerines.

The Mauritius panoramaSeven Coloured Earth

wild animalsgiant turtles

Exploring the island's culture

Culture and tradition

the island population is composed of various different ethnic groups that have lived side by side for centuries. The island's ethnic traditions are expressed harmoniously and without conflict through festivals and religious events for all preferences.


The culture and history of the island are celebrated in its many museums. Eureka House, Natural History Museum, Postal Museum, Naval Museum, Sugar Museum

Mauritius excursions
Land excursions
Sailing trips
Gardens and plantations

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